2022 Criminal Trial Strategies

Patrick Ducharme’s new book, 2022 Criminal Trial Strategies, is the handbook that will give you a clear understanding of Canadian criminal law. This concise handbook will show you how to use the laws of evidence and procedure effectively.

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A successful trial lawyer requires an understanding of the law and the skill of a consummate storyteller. For over 45 years Patrick Ducharme has been providing effective, informed, creative and successful legal representation to his clients in a wide range of high-profile cases. Patrick’s innovative courtroom techniques and strategies have been long recognized by his colleagues in the profession.

Patrick is the 2021 recipient of the G. Arthur Martin Medal, the highest honour bestowed on lawyers or judges in Canada.

He is also a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the premier legal associations in America. Fellowship is by invitation only, for lawyers in the United States and Canada whose advocacy and standard of ethical conduct, professionalism, civility and collegiality are models to be emulated by the lawyers of North America.

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This book is available for purchase through Amazon.ca in both paperback and as an instantly-downloadable e-book. Soon it will be available in hardcover format. To view Patrick Ducharme’s author page on Amazon.com, click here.

If you would like to purchase multiple copies for academic use, please contact the author here for a volume discount.